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What should I do if I forget my password to the Travel Zone?

Please reset your password, by clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’ within the login page on

If you require any further assistance, please contact:


I have a question/request connected to my program, who should I ask?

Our Travel Zone lets you review details of the trip, browse the trip itinerary in real-time, view speaker/company bios, and much more... However, if you require any further information or assistance, please contact


Can a spouse or a guest join the program?

Please check with your program coordinator. If approved, you can find an offer of a spouse/guest package in the e-shop section of our Travel Zone. Alternatively, you can contact to discuss a customized package.


The product(s) in the e-shop section of the Travel Zone expired, can I still sign up?

The deadline already expired, however you can contact to find out if an extension is possible and how to proceed.


I cannot fill in all the details in the registration (eg: because I am currently renewing my passport, the international airfare has not been booked yet), what should I do?

Please input “n/a” and proceed with the registration process. Once you have this information, please ensure you update your registration on our Travel Zone (if still possible). Please contact if you require any further assistance.


What is the difference between business casual & a smart dress code?

Please refer to this dress code document.


Do I need to get local currency before traveling to the program destination(s)?

Generally, no. We recommend withdrawing local money from an ATM once you arrive at the destination (preferably in the city center, not at the airport). However, this may depend on the destination, so we recommend discussing with your program coordinator beforehand.


How do I know that my e-shop payment was successful?

You should receive an order confirmation followed by a payment confirmation. Please note that the order confirmation does not mean the product has been paid, only ordered. If the payment is successful, you will receive another email confirming the payment itself. Please check your spam/junk box or contact if you did not receive any order or payment confirmation.


I have dietary or medical restrictions. How do I ensure the program team are aware of it?

Please ensure you submit all dietary requirements and/or medical restrictions during the registration process on our Travel Zone. Our program team are on hand to ensure these needs/requirements are met throughout your study trip.


Why do I need to provide my middle name in the registration?

This is primarily needed to issue airfare or other tickets where names need to be shown according to the details on your passport; otherwise the ticket will not be valid. Please provide your full name to avoid any mistakes when issuing tickets.


Is it possible to collect points or miles from the flights & accommodation?

Generally, no. It is only possible if you have an individual (not group) ticket or reservation.


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